The Company

Which is the most indicated rope for a specific application? When do we know if the rope can be repaired or if it can be substituted? The ropes’ characteristics and performance variation lead to these and other questionings. The safety and efficiency of the operation or of a whole system depend on a right choice, based on consolidating technical knowledge when evaluating the ropes.


Petro Expertize is a company that is committed to offering high standard services to its clients, which are offered by consultants who have a solid experience in the offshore market.




  • Anchoring projects with synthetic fiber ropes and wire ropes
  • Inspection of anchoring elements, including offshore mooring chains and accessories
  • Technical consultancy
  • Expertise concerning synthetic fiber ropes and wire ropes
  • Onshore and offshore inspection
  • ISO 9001 audits
  • Project management and contracts
  • Training programs